Adult classes are held on weekday evenings from February to December. Due to the increasing interest in pottery in the community, we receive numerous emails about classes every week. Unfortunately we aren’t able to accommodate all the interest and there is currently a waiting list for classes.

If you would like more information about classes, please send an email to

Children’s classes are often held in the school holidays and are very popular.

The next classes will be held in January 2019:

Due to the expected extreme temperature of 41 on Tuesday

I am contacting you all regarding what to do in the event that the temp on Tuesday is the forecast 41 degrees , as the classes are held outside and this is too hot for most children to be safe. Can I please confirm if your child/children were definitely coming and if so could they attend on an alternative date for the Thursday 24th of January if need be .

Also if  you could email me back with your child’s name and which class they were in and what your preference is to cancel altogether or to try for better weather on the 24th of January .

Please note I will be cancelling classes if the forecast is for over 38 degrees 2 days prior regardless on the BOM weather forecast  

If you  wish to contact me to discuss anything further you can email  or my phone numbers are: 8528 5212 & 0409 090 041

Thank you for your understanding

Regards Becci

If you are interested, please email

9 thoughts on “Classes

  1. Hi, I am interested in the adult pottery class. May I have more information about the next avaliable class please? More specific about price, time and duration. Thank you very much.

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